Leadership Team

tom-turnerThomas Turner, PhD
Professor of Biology
Curator, Division of Fishes, Museum of Southwestern Biology
Director, Museum Research Traineeship Program



Carla Sinopoli, PhD
Professor of Archaeology
Director, Maxwell Museum of Anthropology


Christopher Lippitt, PhD
Associate Dean for Research, College of Arts & Sciences
Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Member, UNM Center for the Advancement of Spatial Informatics Research and Education (ASPIRE)
Member, UNM Interdisciplinary Science Cooperative (Co-op)

chris-wittChristopher Witt, PhD
Professor of Biology
Director, Museum of Southwestern Biology
Curator, Division of Birds, Museum of Southwestern Biology
corrine-myersCorinne Myers, PhD
Assistant Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences
Curator, Earth & Planetary Sciences Paleobiology
jason-mooreJason Moore, PhD
Associate Professor, Honors College
joe-cookJoseph Cook, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Biology
Curator, Division of Mammals, Museum of Southwestern Biology
julie-coonrodJulie Coonrod, PhD
Dean, UNM Graduate Studies
Professor of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
loa-traxlerLoa Traxler, PhD
Associate Professor of Archaeology
Director, Museum Studies Program
tyler-mackey_Tyler Mackey, PhD
Assistant Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences